I am honored to have served the residents of Deerfield Beach. During my time as Vice Mayor and District 2 Commissioner, I worked with residents throughout the City to initiate multiple community projects such as the Buck Pride Way - 15th Street Beautification Project, multiple neighborhood cleanups projects, a General Education Diploma (GED) program, the development of the youth sports coaches appeal board, and several food drive events as a member of Kiwanis West. 
Public Safety 

As a former firefighter and District 2 Commissioner, Ben understands the importance of keeping our streets safer. He understands the hardships that each act of violence brings to our neighborhoods

As Mayor, Ben will:
Work to put an end to senseless violence and build a safer Deerfield Beach, because we will not allow our citizens to feel unsafe on their streets. 

Working with the Broward County Sheriff's Department. Ben will ensure that the law enforcement community has the necessary funds, staff training, and equipment to protect all residents of Deerfield Beach. As Mayor Ben will address the concerns of all of our citizens and work to protect all our citizens. Ben will work to bridge the gap between the community and the law enforcement. He will review the feasibility of having each law enforcement officer wear a body camera and equip each deputy investigative vehicle with a dashboard camera.

Develop a youth violence reduction initiative to reduce youth violence and criminal activity keeping our citizens safe.

Budget and Taxes

Ben understands that we must be wise about the spending of our tax dollars. Ben will fight for transparency to root out waste, fraud, and abuse in City government. He will protect our hard earned tax dollars and the essential services Deerfield Beach residents desperately need. 


As Mayor, Ben will:
Review financial data that identify governmental overspending to save our citizens precious dollars and protect services.


Ben will support tax credits for job creation and business start-ups to drive new growth and opportunity for Deerfield residents, especially in neighborhoods most in need. He will conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether certain City assets should be sold and ensure that any proposals for selling these assets receive a full vetting and public hearing.


He will respect current collective bargaining agreements for current employees.


Ben understands that economic strength is linked directly to the housing market. He understands that there is a shortage of affordable housing in the city of Deerfield Beach. This is why Ben will create a comprehensive housing initiative.


As Mayor, Ben will address this problem with six key areas of focus:

  • Urban Blight

  • Affordable Housing

  • Property Revitalization

  • New Construction

  • Homelessness

  • Neighborhood Renewal


He will implement comprehensive strategies to fight urban blight. This means increasing affordable housing options, preventing homelessness, revitalizing neighborhoods, and enabling veterans, seniors, the disabled and other special needs individuals to transition to homeownership.


Ben will seek authorization from Broward County to extend the tax abatement for new construction and rehabilitation to neighborhoods just out the reach of development.

As Mayor, Ben will provide tax incentives for the new construction and maintenance of new affordable housing opportunities in our City. He will support neighborhood renewal in a manner that promotes revitalization without displacing long-time residents; assess the total housing needs for single parent families, veterans, the elderly, the unemployed, the homeless, and LGBT residents by conducting a citywide census to obtain a more accurate count of the number of residents who need affordable housing.

He will direct City agencies to work with the Department of Veterans Affairs to identify veterans in need of affordable housing.



Growing up in South Florida Ben Preston is proof that education is a great equalizer.  As Mayor, Ben wants to make sure the same opportunities that allowed him to build a better life are available to students in Deerfield Beach. Ben understands that strong schools build strong neighborhoods and strong neighborhoods are the backbone of a thriving city. Ben is dedicated to ensuring that every student in Deerfield has the tools they need to succeed and compete effectively in the job market.


Ben will re-establish a GED program and provide direction for those looking to complete their High School education.

Senior Citizens

After working, planning, and saving for retirement all of their lives, the seniors of Deerfield Beach have earned the right to a safe and secure retirement. We must do everything we can to ensure that Deerfield Beach is an affordable and accommodating City for our seniors.


As Mayor, Ben will:

  • Develop new initiatives to allow senior citizens to continue giving back to Deerfield Beach. Make no mistake: One of our City’s great resources lies in our senior citizen community. We must develop imaginative ways to channel their experience, knowledge, and skills back into our City.

  • Partner with non-profits, for personal care and senior citizens’ quality of life. This means addressing economical home health care, day care, nursing care and medical care alternatives for seniors, and assessing the adequacy of our City’s long-term care facilities.

  • Rededicate efforts to ensure that no senior will go hungry. This will involve partnering with organizations to assess food bank adequacy and to increase senior citizens access ability to supermarkets and fresh produce. In addition, Ben will work to offer senior citizens free nutritional education.

  • Explore the possibilities of increasing the number of affordable senior housing units. Working with the Office of Housing and Community Development and other City agencies, we will help seniors stay in their homes by providing real estate tax relief and guidance on foreclosure prevention.

  • Expand senior citizens assess to reduced-fare or free transportation services because senior citizens often need transportation for medical care, grocery shopping, banking, and other essential errands.

  • Establish a public service announcement campaign, informing seniors about the availability of free or reduced-cost legal and end-of-life planning services.

  • Establish a program to facilitate senior citizens’ access to free or reduced-cost cellular phones, landline phones, computers and medical alert devices.


Ben will also create a "Get Fit Deerfield" agenda where senior residents' pulse and blood pressure will be regularly assessed. Recommendations on light and moderate exercise depending on medical history.

Diversity and Equality

Our diversity will be our greatest strength. Although we have made tremendous strides toward equality, we must all together continue the fight towards balanced equality for all. So many in our immigrant communities feel as though they are not treated with the respect that they feel they deserve. This issue must be addressed and remedied now.


As Mayor, Ben will:

  • Fight to make Deerfield Beach a beacon that shines the light of opportunity on all.

  • Put in place a ZERO Tolerance Policy on Discrimination

  • Establish a ZERO Tolerance Policy on Bullying and work to eradicate bullying from our schools, workplaces, and communities. 

  • Support equal pay for equal work—because his Administration will lead by example and practice the policy of equal pay for equal work for EVERYONE.

  • Support Deerfield Beach residents’ constitutional right to equal treatment under the law. 

  • Partner with law enforcement to investigate fully any alleged hate crimes and make it clear that hate crimes will not be tolerated in the City of Deerfield Beach.

  • Support Florida fair housing laws.


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